Scare us with your spooky content! 😱

GAME BOY MUSIC! 👾 If you missed @defensem3ch 's ICONIC set from our Cursed Concert with @PlusMusic , you're in luck.


Check our posts this weekend for recordings of @WiseDrums , @bmxescape and @marcspence1210 !


The Cursed Concert we put on with our pals at @PlusMusic was INTERNATIONAL. Here's @marcspence1210 's smashing set from the show!

Check out the rest of the sets from @WiseDrums , @bmxescape and @defensem3ch on our page and Music community!


The great @bmxescape played our CURSED CONCERT with @PlusMusic !

Peep our posts this weekend for the rest of the sets from @WiseDrums , @defensem3ch and @marcspence1210 .


Game Jolt Creator @WiseDrums played during our CURSED CONCERT with @bmxescape , @defensem3ch , @marcspence1210 and @PlusMusic !

Visit @WiseDrums for more 🔥

Joltober might be over for the year, but we'll never get over all your awesomely spooky art!

Check out a few favorites from our #Joltober art challenge below.


Welcome to the Halloween community on Game Jolt! 👻🎉

Halloween fans, welcome home. Follow the community for updates on our Halloween events and more sp00000ky goodness!

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