Spooky Stuff in Halloween

Scare us with your spooky content! 😱

Hey yall!.

Project:playtime is right around the corner so as we all sit around waiting!...

i made this cool lil boxy boo scene!.


There's a Body on my Sofa (Original CreepyPasta) [Feat. Natenator77]
*Original Story* Thanks to Natenator for helping me read this! As such, know what's spookier than walking in on a corpse in your house? . . . You . . . not s...

Today's game recommendation; Cat in the Box (on Steam)!

Same style as The Crooked Man. Amazing story. Atmospheric. Awesomely creepy art and visuals. Doesn't overuse jumpscares. Multiple endings depending on choices you make.


Markiplier's worst nightmare, because I know he HATES mannequins. lol

Yet another video from my "horror shorts" playlist on Youtube. :)


Still Life - Short movie
Short movie called still life, great atmosphere and an amazing ending.brookstreetpictures.comDirector Jon Knautz's Twitter account Jon_Knautz

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