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Go, KB, go!

Made a quick illustration of Ukiwani from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 for #FanArtFriday.

Hope you've all been doing well this weekend!

: Clip Studio Paint

Submission for Art Weeklies 6/7/2024. Theme chosen: Animal characters.

Here's the finished result of my bumblecat illustration!

: Clip Studio Paint


A spoonful of Blobcat helps the medicine go down.

: Blender

Think I forgot to post these. Whoops!

Anyway, MumBlargh specifically requested sticker designs for stationery, so I remade some of my fruit cats and added a couple new ones for this sticker sheet.

They're also in my Redbubble shop:

Submission for #ArtWeeklies 5/17/2024. Theme chosen: Video Game Enemies.

Haven't done an Art Weeklies for a while, so here's a (very) rushed Dizzy from Kirby's Dream Land. They're so silly, I couldn't NOT paint them.

: Clip Studio Paint