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Go, KB, go!

Here's my contribution for #ZeldaFriday—a cute little Korok playing the Nintendo Switch.

: Clip Studio Paint

Hope everyone who will be playing Tears of the Kingdom has a grand ol' time. Also, hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


So I finally made a reference sheet for some OCs that have been floating about in my head for too long.

I was originally just going to post the image, but when MumBlargh saw it a couple days ago, she was like "Let me narrate their introduction." LOL

Krillin: "Son Goku! >:("
Goku: ":D"

Oh my gosh, I had to rush to make this, but I made it in time!

: Clip Studio Paint

#StardewFriday, you say? Y'all know I had to paint another chicken for this. So, here it is, a very proud golden chicken! ~:>

: Clip Studio Paint

Had a little moment yesterday and wanted to try my hand at painting Sonic, so... This PFP is for you, @sonic-fan100 ; hope you like it.

: Clip Studio Paint