Show what you "Dream" :)

Goodnight - Wilbur Soot (Cover)

This is the first of his songs I taught myself and I love it already, will do another cover in 6 months for growth showing reasons :)

I took elements from both versions on the internet, so check them both out.

Idk mask or no mask?

a tribute to technoblade

He is reviving someone...

R.i.p Technoblade :’(

Welcome to the Dream Fan Club on Game Jolt! :)

I don't give a shit what you do here, but there are rules:

1.- no nsfw

2.- no hate (seriously im fucking tired of seeing it)

3.- be cool

4.- please don't be creepy

5.- NO DREAMNOTFOUND, they're real people and you shouldn't ship them

6.- we are dreamsexualphobic and proud!

0b$cur3 waz h3r3

M3LL0 waz h3r3

Rueii is a Technoblade Simp Confirmed

l0ng waz h3r3

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