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Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! ☘️

Sorry I'm late lassies my wifi was out for about 5 days so I had to quickly get something out, so here's my fanart of Moira and her 2 doggos. Enjoy!

Decided to try my hand at redesigning the early Mercy concept (Angelo) lol

His design is so good, I kinda wish they'd done something with it :(

Anyway lemme know if there's something I could improve on :]

Love the way this gamer cake came out. Here is the video tutorial showing how I made it


Nintendo Switch - Overwatch - Fortnite Cake Tutorial - How to Make Video Gamer Cake
Learn how to make this gamer cake! This combines those who play Fortnite and Overwatch on a Nintendo Switch. Includes Medkit, Shield Potion, and Cake Decor...

Overwatch - Victory Theme [Cover]

koş kuş koş

happy spooktober everyone!

here's my drawing of junkenstein's monster

I tried recreating the overwatch logo