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- Just a Bastion
*beep boop*


No, I do not want a banana! 🍌 🦍

Overwatch Winston Cake!!

AMAZING OVERWATCH WINSTON CAKE!! 🦍 Modelling Chocolate Bust!
Here’s my version of Winston from overwatch.I started him over 2 years ago, then covid happened and he got left in my cupboard! I Finally got around to finis...

Happy Weekend guys 🥳 thank you so much to everyone that helped me get verified! Just finished my latest cake so now I get to celebrate by playing Animal Crossing all day 🙌


Tracer from Overwatch made out of cake and rice crispy treats and covered in sugar paste. Not quite life size, but she's a big one!

Full tutorial below 👇

Here's the cover art for my comic, Overstepped, which has two chapters to read currently! Check it out if you'd like. :]