Snaily text here!

Be honest, could you resist petting this Shelly? 🥺

Thank you so much for the cute fanart, trASHJSAB!

Hola Guys we are doing some renovations in this community, we'll add more channels, for now keep posting in these!!

Also answer the poll below!

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How would shelly wear a hat?

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Will You Snail? is in the Steam Summer Sale! Now the question is: Will You Save? Get 30% OFF our snail sliding, AI trap spawning, jumping good time.

I drew a picture filled with a bunch of characters from games I like :)

Then I ordered a shirt with that picture on it for me and ma father

If for some reason you wanna buy it.. You can't. I don't have a merch store or anything xd

"Will You Snail?" is a rage platformer game made by Jonas Tyroller! Do not worry, you don't need an epic pc to run this game! =D

This is the official WYS Game Jolt Community! Write posts, chat with other gamers, make a good meme or discuss the lore in the appropriate channels!

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