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Going live in about 20mins or so with some Trackmania Nations Forever maps. Not gonna lie this is my first time playing any of the maps expect A07-Race.

Live ended with so much madness: xD

OH BOY THESE MAPS ARE THOUGH | Trackmania Nations Forever
Nostalgia hits right in heart! Come join and/or play with me this glory game :)Join the chill-est places of all: well as Stea...

Ayeee today's my 20th birthday! I feel old XD

Hey guys'n'girls... I might not be able to record this following week anything. I will try my best to edit you some footage that i recorded earlier. I don't feel really emotionally stable to record these days. Hope you'll understand me and take care :)


@StexyTo How to separate face cam from game footage on OBS.

Ignore how terrible I look at 3 am. XD

My first time ever watching any of the Found Footages from Backrooms. They are really damn creepy!

THERE'S NO ESCAPE FROM HERE | Backrooms Found Footage Reaction
Once you get in backrooms there's no escape. Even if you try, few of them are actually survived. A-Sync Research Channel:

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