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skin idea

an idea: add p. salvage sonic as a secret animatronic replaced by boo


oh god, this looks awesome

9Fnas: collection remastered are my own remasters of fnas 1-5 each game will be named by an act like Fnas next generation someone will do the art and i'll do the programming the games will be made in GDevelop and there will be a progress bar for each remaster but unlike next generation there will not be a launcher but you also might ask what will be added in the remasters well you’ll just have to wait and see

Act 1/Fnas 1 remastered: 100

Act 2/Fnas 2 remastered: 70

Act 3/Fnas 3 remastered: 0

Act 4/Fnas 4 remastered: 0

The Final Act/Fnas 5: The First Chapter remastered: 0

art by: @eertag

concept artist: @Vaniry


Voice of Luigi/Fnas 1 phone guy by: @MandLpg17

Voice of knuckles/Fnas 2 phone guy by: @TheCalebGamingChannel

Voice of silver/Fnas 3 phone guy by: @YellowBoiOfficial

Voice of nightmare sonic/Fnas 4 phone guy by: @TheCalebGamingChannel

Voice of tails/Fnas 5 phone guy by: @TheCalebGamingChannel

Voice of shadow sonic by: @TheCalebGamingChannel

coding done by: @Fnaffan347 (me)

coding helpers: @walten1991 @Madnesscombatfan and @SCP049M-alt

Fnas Creator: @TheCyVap

Fnas Maniac Mania by: @PyroRapidFox

Toy Sliver Mario by: @NickPerson

fnaf by: @realscawthon

Sonic characters by: sega and sonic team

Mario characters by: Nintendo

each remaster/act will game out one by one but when all remasters/acts are completed I will release them in one big collections like fnas collection but you’ll still be able to download them separately even when the full collection is out we hope you guys enjoy the remasters when there out #fnas #fnas2 #fnas3 #fnas4 #fnas5 #fangame #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language

What will be Added to the acts?

hey look a dark hallway!

version 1.0.11 of act 1 is out

-made the nights shorter

holy shit the game page is at 1000 followers!!!

thank you guys so much i never expected the game to get this popular i cant thank you all enough!!!

help wanted eh?