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Game Soundtrack

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From the creator of Work at Raven's

1/16/2023 David B. Johnson (you) has been investigating a case for 3 months of "Nevar J. Bruce" and his whereabouts. So far you've been unsuccessful in finding any clues. But out of nowhere your friend Jim hits you up and he says he has a lead. Your task is to search Nevar's abandoned house and avoid any existing threats. This should be a piece of cake... #horror #survival #puzzle #strategy

Intense Realistic Violence
Realistic Bloodshed

More work on the city today! This is going to be the detective agency you work at.

Started work on an entire city model!


An old VHS recovered from Raven Prods S.U. (Storage units) The tape is labeled "PAD 2.2 Head & Core upgrade Pt.1" It took me quite a while to make this and perfect it, I hope you enjoy it!


I know I've been quiet for a while, but it's because I have been cooking up some amazing VHS effects using a variety of software including Blender, Capcut, and Canva. Hope you enjoy this small clip from a WIP instructional animatronic management video!

Why is this flashlight icon so good?