2 months ago

Castle Crashers, but it's a tiny #pixelart demake

Palette used is Rosy 42

can someone gib me sword plz thnx

Before I continue with the next Tiny Legends, I needed to take this time to thank our sponsor make another demake, because it's been a while since I've done that (... And because I hated the design I gave to Green Knight in the last pixel art), and welp, here it is!

At first I planned to use another palette, and stick with limitations that would make it look like a Game Boy Color game, but after a bit I decided to make this demake as usual, with the palette I tend to use in my, not-oc-content rather than the palette I had originally planned

I would have expected to publish this one a hour after, rather than now, but I just can't wait

Until later!