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Happy #screenshotsaturday! We made a longer version of our in-game montage, recorded in #Feudums games with actual players.

Direct your own story and try out the demo!

*During the making of this video, no testers were harmed!*

#medieval #strategy #mmo



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Happy #screenshotsaturday!

A new update to Feudums "not-a-demo" dev preview build is out!

Where Crusader Kings' setting meets indie, the 90s vibe of TBS games and multiplayer. Sounds strange enough to make you curious? Then follow & wishlist us on Steam!

Hi! I've made a quick review of 3 notable changes in Feudums' April and May updates - at least one of them is a biggie!

We also attended #Tacticon2023, where we became the most popular upcoming #grandstrategy #4X title, which truly left me speechless!

The work of the last weeks is slowly coming together in a demo update - planned for the 2nd half of next week.

This will include a basic in-game tutorial- with limited content, but continuously updated - and a host of other features.

Stay tuned!

Ayy! Make a game and win prizes over at c/gamedev! Head over now to read the deetz! Hosted by https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/grandjam

Diplomacy has been recently added to the latest test build. Players can now sign treaties about various topics (incl. resources, sight, trade or border agreements).

In-game chat is now also persistent.

Grab the build for free!


Public Alpha Testing for Claustrophobic Nights has started + Proximity Chat Added!

[Devlog Post]

If a game ever gets as bad as what's depicted in this vid, I wouldn't blame someone for rage quitting! Hopefully, it never gets to that point in any of your games!

Long live the king! Follow and wishlist us on Steam too!


Happy #screenshotsaturday! Sometimes you play not to win but to make it easier next time. Forge your destiny - and your noble house - through an arc of games while competing against thousands of players!

Work-in-progress with playable multiplayer builds!

🚀 The Grand Game Jam Has Begun! 🚀

This your chance to have a game featured in a daily worldwide high score contest!

Learn how all the deets (including how to enter): https://gamejolt.com/c/gamedev/grandjam

Tired of Zoom meetings? Then try Feudums and zoom in and out in a completely different way!

Feudums is an in-development, indie #medieval #strategy/#simulation game with P2P vassalage, modding & community-driven narrative.

Happy #screenshotsaturday !