Freaked Fleapit
1 year ago

Hell is where the Random Generation is — here’s a quick look at our Dungeon Generator works!



Next up

Meet Fasaria — despite her young appearance you should definitely fear this Grim Reaper! Or she'll make you suffer.

Gaming is a struggle these days— —w-wait what do you mean Armored Core is also coming out in August . . ?

When Fasaria is not reaping souls, she’s playing video games! What game is she playing?

Oldie but Goodie: Monument Valley, demake'd

Freaked Fleapit is a rhythm dungeon crawler with a dash of roguelike and datesim. Save your soul to heart-pumping music and choose a tempting Lady of the Fleapit to join you on your escape from Purgatory!

Old but gold I guess, I'm a bit late but happy birthday for the blue hedgehog ✌️😺

#SonicFriday #pixelart #Sonicthehedgehog

Cleansing your timeline with our tiny little babies! Take a look at how the sprites of our characters evolved during development. Wanna see more of these?

Knock-knock! Who's there? It's the enemies from Freaked Fleapit!


Suspects: The Freaked Fleapit crew

Reason for detention: being illegally cute