1 year ago

Here are some Pokemon Cakes and Cake Decorations I've made. I've still making my way through Pokemon Scarlet. Is anyone else playing? How do you like it?



Next up

I'm making some commercials for my amazon store, and they are so stupid and funny (to me - lol)

I got this except for the Rhydon. So my kid explained it and made this even better!

Who ya gonna call on a budget?

Creators have taken over the SHOP!

Browse and shop their shops from your backpack. Every purchase counts towards supporting creators + empowering them to keep creating! 🛍️

My kids are too old for this- but man, they would’ve been so excited!

Lifeweaver is the brilliant creator of biolight, a tech that merges plant matter and hard light. He dreams of healing the world.

He's openly pan and was the first hero to be confirmed as queer when he was introduced instead of after the fact.

Had a young visitor this morning right in my backyard. Dogs chased it up a tree. This guy is just a teenager; young but old enough to not need mom any more. Anyone else have bears common in their area?

Ellie is the central character of The Last of Us series. According to GLAAD, she's the first lesbian to ever headline a AAA game (and the first to headline multiple!) When she comes out to Joel, he supports her and even defends her from a homophobe.

The more you know