1 year ago

M&L Style Rendering Practice

I finished a sketch posted by Masanori Sato (The artist for the M&L series) on his Instagram, and I figured lining and coloring an official sketch would be a good way to practice the style.

I really hope this isn't rude or against the rules, since I did add to this piece and the intention was to practice the coloring and match the style the best I could.

The original sketch is in this pose, and can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc77DGgPl14/



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Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Bubble Flower!

Thank you, Mr. Martinet! The hat is off to you!

I heard it was bunny day, so have an Ester!

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Sketches for an assignment

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Veneer using his powers!!

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Crolblock Trophy (Smash Bros. Mock-up) and Happy #AnnualCrolblockDay!