2 months ago

Team Fortress 2 (TF2), but it's a PICO-8, Screen Mode 3* demake.

Limitations: *64x64px , Palette is PICO-8 (lol)


followers are asleep, post tf2 demake

it's been a while since my last demake... So I made another one

It's a bit weird, considering that my last demake was about Half Life 2, and this one is about Team Fortress 2... Do you see where I'm getting at?

Anywho, TF2 is probably the game that took me the longest to make a demake of, I've been planning a TF2 demake for months, and just now I could get to it

But hey, I finally made it!

I'll probably start making demakes again, but this time in the PICO-8 style (aka, 64x64-128x128px resolution, PICO-8 palette, tiny sprites)

And I think that's all! Until later!