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What do you think?

lemme be writer pls-

can i be a beta tester and musician ( NOTE : i cant really make action music so can i make music for the overworld


the Game just working progress i will be there & I HAVE MORE random games or everything :)

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= [Warning] =

This game contant flashing images,there is a Game reference like alot.....

your may not quitting in this game lol.

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You are not allowed to use Anything from here without permission. If you are not following this you will get Copyright strike.


[@TheDrawGamer - Owner,Writer,thumbnail maker,artist,spriter]

[@WillyOfficial - coder]

[@dogtroid - BetaTester,Musicians overworld]

[@ArtableBOX - programmer,Musicians]

[Help wanted to be musicians]

[Help wanted to be another spriter]

[Help wanted to be another Writer]

[Help wanted to be musicians]

[help wanted to be spriter]

[Help wanted to sprite animator]

「 Credits 」

Undertale Engine By @TML

Old&New ocs!

i have Started the old OC's one


i think,this jacket too older also no longer to able add this game (totally i add this game.)

started about New Ocs one


The ocs is too smaller thinking...this old Ocs are good or something.....

Newer Ocs!!!


this more way Newer version (there no longer how to make Ocs stuff)

Finallly!!!! Newest Ocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yes!!! the OC's one too coolest even made (I will make this lmao)

conclutions lololol

I hope just unfinished, this game maybe this game release by few years (jk)

i hope enjoy the Cool Game Some trophies (maybe,100 trophies?)

#fangame #platformer #rpg #undertale #other #arcade

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Blood and Gore
Alcohol Reference
Tobacco Reference
Strong Language

TheDrawGamer Phase 1

smoke a fat blunt anymore

Emotions #1

i have new discord, com join


New Thumbnail Guys!!! :D

GameJolttale last shitpostsprite are back!!!!

Random Teaser #2

i think im gonna use that again,Maybe...

Here some progress stuff happen on Streams

Alright,thats all .im gonna work some other progress stufff.

so...good luck