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Welcome to the Discord Squad were discord users or fans are welcome you don't need to have discord this is just a big hangout space were you can share various thing :) it doesn't have to be related to discord but it would be preferred if it was.

The replay value in DarKnot gives you a reason to return to the game even after it's finished. Each death affects the passage, which, in turn, can lead to a modification of set of events.

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I love activities

Help me guys! I cannot access my account without verifying my phone number due to "sus activities" when I did nothing! I contacted them on twitter, via support website and email, and I even looked up videos on it to no avail! Help!!!!!! ):

yeah so to follow up on this

...yeah i'm making concepts of it

Firstly though I'm making an anti-cheat because why not

This is supposed to be a hard af character ai