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And here's your fanart @YokaiMonster ,i hope it doesn't hurt too much to be hurt... right ?

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First time drawing a ultrakill character,mainly V1

it's a sketch of course,now i gotta finish it, then shade it and yeah....

@YokaiMonster i'm cooking...

İdk but i just woke up and made this

I KNOW drawing is alot of frustration,and it's hard to obtain what you want,but the more time you spend on it,the better it is,take this sketch i am currently making for the art contest of

@YokaiMonster It might be ugly at first but i believe in progress

He looks disappointed

For @YokaiMonster 's contest

Pretty cool OC... a shame they are geting killed

I'm not the best at drawing this kind of thing, but I have a lot of fun drawing it :)