Artwork in Stardew Valley

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#NationalVideoGamesDay Minecraft, Tattletail, StardewValley. and a lot more that i like
still wouldn't call myself a GamerGirl because i just about never play (well that also kinda a lie i slowly getting into it now)
Art by me also OLD!

I am so bad at the mines in Stardew Valley that I have never seen the skeletons before number 210 of the 365 days challenge I'm doing comment the next build I should do #365buildChallenge commented by @Splatoon-3

After hours and hours of work, my LEGO Stardew Valley set is complete!

Stardew Valley - Frozen theme made with flute blocks:

Frozen | Let It Go | in Stardew Valley Using Flute blocks (with instrument mod)
Tried this song before with just the flute sound which didn't sound very good, so here is a version of it using the instrument mod instead. If you're interes...

made this in sketches pro