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So about my fnaf 3 gameplay

Salvage us.. (FFPS/FNAF 6 gacha OCs)

Ok so I was really boooooored so I did a 35 minute edit of our good pal glitchy biooo aka Glitchtrap enjoy

Français: Merci à tous ! J'ai maintenant plus d'abonnés que de vidéos ^_ ^

English: Thanks you all ! I have now more subscribers than videos ^_ ^

Cookie wanted to play fnaf IRL so I gave him the fangame glowstick (first image is Cookie 2nd is nightmare jaw also Cookie just without extra lights and the angle makes his jewelry look like a jaw filled with teeth)

Heyo fellow glitches! Welcome to a community for all youtube,gamejolt(obviously gamejolt) and discord users! Here we (me and you guys) post fnaf content from the latest fnaf news to fnaf gaming and creation news! Most content is ment to be family friendly here! But not completely cause we can't help it all the time really!

Meet the moderators:





(⚠️I'm going to update this list later tomorrow!⚠️)

So here we have some rules i mean it is a community after all and we need to be safe!


1• no inappropriate memes please!

2• link things the hole community is okay with

3•Game mentions are aloud!

4•if youtube created content is posted here please make sure its not anything offensive to other glitchy humans here that use this community!

(I'm not sure 'bout the rest of yall!) But me,@jacko_gametime1245 and @AntoineVanGeyseghem have a youtube

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@AntoineVanGeyseghem is a fnaf modeler and gamer on his channel! And @jacko_gametime1245 is a gamer and game designer!

Go look at the new chat I created in discord!: please join if you want too! Your not obligated too it would just be nice thx!

Now I will let yall enjoy da show!


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