Share your creations!

A little update to Volt's reference sheet + doodles of various worms (from ye old times at this point)


Hope it'll suffice for the #ChrisisArtChallenge (only the first image is my submission)

And good luck to everyone, no matter who wins!!

the little helper

small doodle to ensure you i am indeed alive


super sonic!

The Two Sister Experiments

you are a talented person? or someone locking for some epic creations as many things? this is a community that will make sure to share it to the world

(this community is still in developpement)

profile picture by @UndertaleFan388 (thank you)

the rules are simple:

1-no NSFW or +18 content

2-no asking for free commisions from the commisioners if they told you no

3-no hasserment or any kind of hate

4-no stealing others creations, and if you did something in a coloburation, credit the ones with you

5- make sure that each subject is in the correct channel

6- and the most important rule, have fun :D

please make sure to follow these rules

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