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Might post about it more on this account, but I recently uploaded a new remix on my music channel. Would appreciate it if y’all could check it out :)

K-391 & Victor Crone - Lonely World [Obsidian Leo Remix]
I'M BACK!It's an extremely long break, but now I've somewhat returned to uploading music on this channel. It probably won't be very often, though. But, here ...

UNDERTALE - Death by Glamour REMIX | KingAglow


A more complete version of my swamp theme from earlier. I'll set up a download link, if desired


Written during MiniLD 26 in May 2011 as the theme for my #LudumDare 20 game, LD20X6: Initialisms. Made in #SunVox using samples from #SampleSwap

And finally! Phase 2 theme is out!

Go check that masterpiece on MegaloDapper's Soundcloud now! We will post it on game page a bit later so it will get more listenings on SC. (art by me tho)…


Enter the Jungle: I learned the basics of how to use Mixcraft 9 so I decided to make something, hopefully as time goes on I will get better with this daw but this is the best I got for now. Enjoy!


Final Fantasy VII - Other Side of the Mountain

This is a bit different than my usual heavy cover. I replayed FF7 recently, and this song really stood out to me when I heard it in the game. Can you believe this tune is only played once in the entire game?

help wanted!!!!

i might need some musicians help


Ok, all of you guys know that the mod will not be released too soon.
so...i decided to post some more songs here to the mod not be dead. Hope you like this one.
WHEN INTENSE OLIVIE HYE MUSIC: (france olivia hye when lmao)


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