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What do you think?

choo choo locomotive

Thomas approve

Why won't the game open!?!

Story: Edwards driver named Jonathan brown needed to find another way to make some money and he hears that thomas's pizzeria is in need of a night guard so he goes to get the job but at night he realizes that the animatronic versions of thomas percy james and toby are out to kill him

Artist: @Fnaffan347 (me)

Coder: @Fnaffan347 (me)

Voice of phone girl: lostdreamer (

Models by: @BlueJam &

Models edited by: @Fnaffan347 (me)

Camera map/Pizzeria by: @nightmarealex303

Title screen music by: @CalebDaCoffee

Inspired by the Five Nights at Sonic’s series

Fnas creator and owner: @TheCyVap

Five Nights at Not Sonic’s by: @TheMARKZAPPER89

Thomas owned by: mattel

Mario owned by: Nintendo

Sonic owned by: sega and sonic team

Fnaf by: @realscawthon

#thomas #tnat #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed

So for anyone wondering you guys can make fangames fan art lets play etc for this game and the other games if I make more those nights at thomas’s games (which I most likely will)

so i redid the office for tnat 1 v2.0 and to me i think it looks alot better

what do you guys think?

(thomas models by: @BlueJam & HunnyBunCreator i just edited them)

so i kinda wanna add a poster of one of the characters on the wall here for the right hallway here so it's not so plane or something but i'm not sure which character to putt

which do you guys think i should putt?

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so for swapped mode in tnat 1 v2.0 should swap thomas have a bowtie or a scarf?

(models by: @BlueJam i just edited them)

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so since it's been awhile since i've done anything related to tnat 1 v2.0 here's one of the cameras in game (which this is the supply closet if anyone is wondering)