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What do you think?

This looks really cool! Though I'm wondering how the game transitions from 2d to 3d?

Your game looks really nice

Looks interesting. Goes into my "Play later" folder :)

retro first person rpg? FUCK YEAH

ok this is actually cool

Crystals Of Irm is an old school RPG with a distinctive combat system and dungeon crawl elements. With three heroes you explore Irm, visit the different regions of the land and climb deep down into the darkest dungeons.


Today, only legends surround the crystals of Irm. The red crystal of the mountains - once the fire of the great forge, the blue crystal - once the symbol of the knowledge of the eternal academy and the green crystal - once the patron saint of the endless forests; they have all disappeared from the world for too long. Or maybe not after all?

Time and again, noble warriors set out on the trail of the crystals to return them to their original place. Many have failed so far and the whereabouts are still unclear. The legends speak of three dungeons in which the hearts of Irm are said to be hidden. Will it be possible to retrieve the crystals this time?


Movement-based Grid Battles - Defeat nasty villains in fast-paced battles where every move counts. Use your heroes' abilities and spells to get where you want to go.

Explore the world of Irm - Travel the regions of the land and visit various places. Talk to the inhabitants of the land and help them with their problems.

Heroes - Equip your three different heroes with skills and spells, get stronger and find better equipment.

Dungeon Crawl - Find different dungeons and caves on your way. Search for loot, pass battles and get to the bottom of the mystery of the missing crystals.


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#retro #rpg #adventure

Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Language

What a crazy year it has been and how exciting the coming year will be 🎆

I'm really looking forward to what's to come and to all the new people I'm going to meet

Happy New Year 🥳

Hey #screenshotsaturday 👋

It's time for a little walk on the coast

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Hey #screenshotsaturday 👋
The north of Irm is freezing cold and dangerous 🧊👨‍🏫

The great desert covers large parts of the southern part of Irm 🏜

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It's #screenshotsaturday and we are going to the woodlands of Irm 🌳

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Wishlist the game on Steam 🤫 it really helps a lot!