What do you think?

Looks like it would be a fun game! I'd definitely like to see how this project progresses, maybe you could add some more detailed instructions on how to play.

A tile based farming and exploration game. #adventure #rpg #strategy


I did manage to work on the game enough for an update. It's not as big of an update as I hoped, but there are still many changes. Grass and bushes have been added, a repairable bridge, as well as some other tweaks and additions.

I haven't forgotten about the game. A big update will likely be released this weekend if I have the time for it. Stay tuned!

Version 0.3.0 is out! As requested, there is now a tiny ingame tutorial accessed by pressing H. You can now move by holding down either of WASD buttons to avoid spamming. Added an energy bar, as well as a basic saving/loading system. Hope you enjoy!

I just publically released the game! The player now moves tile-based around the world with the option to harvest several resources. For now the game is very basic and saving has not yet been implemented. Hoping for some feedback!