One More Experiment

2 years ago

Current playtesters have given really good feedback! One point seems to be that people have a hard time understanding that the balloon was in fact a balloon, so we've clarified this by creating a brand new balloon model! :) Enjoy!



Next up

Merry Xmas 2023!

Alot of things will happen with One More Experiment 2024! Stay tuned!


Butterfly sketches. The environment now has more environment storytelling / details.

Updated smaller Discord server comes later today!

Stay tuned! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

We're limiting our social media, to focus on better content. We will therefore delete our X (ealier Twitter), Twitch & TikTok! We will still keep Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Discord.

Ayy! Make a game and win prizes over at c/gamedev! Head over now to read the deetz! Hosted by

Its time again! New playtest session DevHub, Malmö! Psst! The event is free, but you must register for a ticket! Link below ⬇️ If you want to play an exclusive event demo, join us! 19th January, 05.00 PM CET, Torggatan 2, Malmö.…

🚀 The Grand Game Jam Has Begun! 🚀

This your chance to have a game featured in a daily worldwide high score contest!

Learn how all the deets (including how to enter):

COMING UP: * Playtest Event 19 Jan * Demo 4 --------- Still havent found any solutions to the resolution settings cursor offset Im afraid. In the latest public demo release, theres no settings for fullscreen. Will be fixed in a new upcoming demo, later!

The weapon used to clip into walls. This is not intentional. We added a spring to make the weapon fall back some as the camera closes in on walls etc. DEMO 4 will come up in a few months! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

Under the Desert Sky~

I wanted to remaster, an older piece of mine. How did I do? Tap/swipe to see the piece I created a whole year ago in January of 2023!

🎥 Experimenting with Post Process Effects

❄ Camera Freeze. Dynamic material instance, where frost is growing from the corners.

💥 Screen bleed / damage effect. When you walk into fire, the screen corners will flash red.…