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What do you think?

So, the game has some good ideas with it's puzzle mechanics, but has a bit of an issue with communicating those ideas to the player. Still a great start though!

This game looks wild!! Reminds me of Portal 1 and 2 and even its fan games!! U have an AWESOME day my friend. Maybe someday, you'll be my partner in crime when helping create my future games!! Anyways, take care my friend. #LegendsNeverGiveUp!!!

Cool game!

2 years ago I found this but I didn’t download it.
now I want to try this but my internet is so bad and can't keep downloading after 20%
I gusset I will watch a video on YouTube on a very low quality.

underrated. ❤

Game Soundtrack

3 songs




Control fire and water. Use elements, switches and the environment to solve puzzles in this portal-inspired puzzle platformer

Two sisters. Strange occurances. One goes missing. A strange lab. What is going on? And what is this strange device capable of absorbing elements....


* First person puzzle-platformer

- Demo 4



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We have decided to scope down the One More Experiment project. Its still a free time project!

The fullversion of will include:

* 10 Chapters

* More dialogue

* Outside environments

* More trippy art

* ~10 different soundtracks

Stay tuned for more!

We've just applied to gamehabitat Haven, a game studio startup program 😇 Wish us good luck and for us to be accepted! Were still a free time studio/project. But looking to change this soon with further development/release of One More Experiment.

Once again sorry for the lack of updates. Robin is struggling with some personal stuff currently.

Despite the lack of updates, we're applying to two programs, one for starting your own games studio, and the other ones is Swedish Game Awards (MORE BELOW)

The fire container switches has always been a challenge regarding how they should be represented visually, many aspects to consider: for example, they can be lit, but not absorbed from.

Right now were trying to have them be some kind of fire stakes!

We're adding some new sections between puzzle rooms now, that will serve both as "breaks" in between puzzles, as well as some environmental storytelling.

DEMO 4 IN PROGRESS! Will come to Steam in a few months