One More Experiment

6 months ago

Happy Easter, dear community!

Don't forget about the game conference 21 April, where I will demo #OneMoreExperiment_Game and you have a chance of playing it and meet up!

Event link below:




Next up

Changes & Fixes coming in UPDATE 2 (Coming soon): * Checkpoint & Force Field Bugs Fixed * Volume Sliders Saves between levels (Was not working) * Checkpoint visuals updated! * More environment can now be interacted with!

Many playtesters have wanted to be able to interact with and open drawers and doors etc. Now in the next demo update you will be able to! Enjoy the updated apartment Interactions Silver Demo Update 2 coming in September #OneMoreExperiment_Game

Cutscene triggers now sweeps camera from wherever youre lookinjg to target rotation. Before we forced snapped the camera to a given position, which looked janky! Some testers even thought this was a bug! UPDATE 2 coming soon!

"Mario where is the lamb sauc--"

Ohh me everyday!!

do you like my hat?

Experimenting with Blenders Geometry Nodes, making Fractals :D #OneMoreExperiment_Game

We're on good way fixing most of the bigger bugs found, but other than that, were working on small tweaks and details! Playtesters have said that the vines looked to thin to climb/ walk on, so heres some new more fitting ones!


UPDATE 2 - of the latest DEMO is now out for #OneMoreExperiment_Game Once again CONTROL FIRE & WATER! Download 2.12.1 to get the latest version! DOWNLOAD: Enjoy!