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The final touches are happening now for Slice it'll be worth the wait! Stay tuned for the open beta...


I have exciting news! The beta of my indie fighting game Resistance 204X is now FREE and OPEN! 🎮👊

Everyone is welcome! Invite all your friends and family. Even your grandma!👵

Get the beta at:

And now Tuhrahkkkii's Dropship is playable too. Unique weapons are:

* Autocannon: Fires in spurts with recharging ammo

* Cluster bombs: Fills the screen with so many effects that enemies just give up and die

Working on character portrait for dialogs

Wishlist to support:⬇️…

#gamedev #indie #indiedev



- Changed the controls

- Changed the ability function

- Added the GAI (Glider Enemy)

- Finalizing the theme song

- New GDD

Next Steps:

- Flesh out puzzles

- Finalize Bosses

- Clean up Art and animations


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