One More Experiment

2 months ago



Next up

Some cool new VFX for my game: Magic Shimmer!

A fun experiment with Blender Curves & Unreal materials!



Finally the epic DLC of Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree has dropped! Are you hyped? Have you started it already?

(Please try to avoid spoilers in this community) 👑

#EldenRing #ShadowOfTheErdtree #eldenringdlc

We've just applied to gamehabitat Haven, a game studio startup program 😇 Wish us good luck and for us to be accepted! Were still a free time studio/project. But looking to change this soon with further development/release of One More Experiment.

Rando Art Challenge! Transform this into a masterpiece of the Renaissance era. Use the tag #renaissance to show off your creation! (Tag an artist in the comments to let them know)

The weapon used to clip into walls. This is not intentional. We added a spring arm to make the weapon fall back some as the camera closes in on walls etc. DEMO 4 will come up in a few months! #OneMoreExperiment_Game

Announcing the Lost In Isolation FNaF Game Jam

The GameJam Starts Friday (submit games below)

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Hosted by @PlentyXD

Help from @hunterallen_ and me

Art by @Funkilicous and Yellw.00f

🎥 Experimenting with Post Process Effects

❄ Camera Freeze. Dynamic material instance, where frost is growing from the corners.

💥 Screen bleed / damage effect. When you walk into fire, the screen corners will flash red.…

We're adding some new sections between puzzle rooms now, that will serve both as "breaks" in between puzzles, as well as some environmental storytelling.

DEMO 4 IN PROGRESS! Will come to Steam in a few months


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We better see you supporting blue pig tails this weekend!

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Sneek Peak of the upcoming new switch object! Can you guess what it does? This is one of the final if not the final game object we're adding. After this, its all about creating interesting and variated puzzles 😍 Stay tuned!