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The next devlog is here!

The main changes include new weapons, upgrades implemented onto the CWIS turret, early detection lines for incoming missiles & several bug fixes.

See the full video in the article below!

Welcome back to C.W.I.S, now with even more weapons.

Thank you for all the support on the last post, it really made my day to see my project get featured 'n' all.

This video was sadly delayed by a week due to just not being able to record the video & not quite having enough stuff working to show.

Whats New!

  • A WAY better missile launcher that I'm really proud of where is shoot missiles in a somewhat realistic spline curve, instead of the old straight line which was really dull. I also fixed the trail effects so there is actual smoke behind the missiles being launched.

  • A main gun, with a clip style ammo reloading pool, this will evenualy be used against target & other ships as and when I get to that stage.

  • Functioning upgrades, where you can now actually upgrade you weapons using upgrade points to choose from an even better selection of upgrades. Currently only on the CIWS turret but comming to the rest for the next devlog.

  • Detection lines, see where missiles are coming from on-screen. This will be an upgrade for the radar as and when it is implemented.

  • Fixed a few of the really bad bugs. Still got a load to fix but its a start xD

Next Video

I'm aiming to have the next devlog out around 3-4 weeks from this video going live. So around the start of August you can expect the next update. As always feel free to comment ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. I'm happy to any and all thoughts on the project and where it should go.

The Video


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Game itch Page 👉 https://carter-games.itch.io/cwis
Game Gamejolt Page 👉 https://gamejolt.com/games/cwis/714245
Original Jam Game 👉 https://carter-games.itch.io/cwisss9

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Next up

Not a game but one of my several tools. I just updated one of them this week called "Build Versions". Not the best name but its the best I could come up with.... Read More about it below

I've finally picked a water shader & added some more cool stuff!

The next devlog for C.W.I.S is here!

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New Menu Layout + Update

Help us welcome @ElPichon to THE SHOP! They've just dropped ANIMATED frames, stickers and backgrounds for all of you to wear on Game Jolt!

When you make a build of your game and this happens.....A dev's worst nightmare.... well mine atleast... the dreaded NullReferenceException!!!!!

The next devlog for C.W.I.S is here!

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A 70's cake that came out super colorful!

Devlog Delayed

Sadly this weeks devlog is delayed, partly due to progress on the project, partly due to not having the time to edit it. Hoping to have it out next weekend!

Here's a sneak peak of some new stuff to fill the void xD

More TMNT skateboard cake


i may or may not make an full art of some person or i may just leave this like that-

"Thanks guys for endless hours of fun." 👍

(My first fan art. Read the article, please.)

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