Kirby and the Eternal Paradise - Wacky Episode
1 year ago

This new attack didn't originally belong to Fire, but is now part of its moveset! Can you recognize where it's from?
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Next up

54 seconds of pure destruction. WIP. #kirby #fangame

Kirby and the Eternal Paradise - Wacky Episode, version 1.0.0, is now available for download! [IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW, PLEASE READ]

Made some more UI prompts. The right one shows up if what you've inhaled yields an ability, as well as the power level of your star bullet (up to 3)

Here are some of the latest changes for Eternal Paradise, with more of em coming at a later date!


Summer is a good time to go water skipping, don'tcha think?

Kirby has been enjoying it very much!

By using the Wall Slide accordingly, you can leap off ledges. A technique you can use to help you correct some slight movement mistakes & keep the flow going!

Oldie but Goodie: Monument Valley, demake'd

Defeated enemies now have a 1/10 chance of dropping yummy food! Kill and eat away!