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well, it seems to improve a lot xd

Goodbye bad art, welcome good art

I hope you like the animation, I wish you all luck :)

#fnf #fridaynightfunkin @Henrique_Games

Friday Night Funkin' Speed.GIF v2 - Cyclops Sonic, Fatal Error and More!
The cut in schoolhouse song definitely wasn't me searching for the answer :)Idk how to avoid Tails messing the arrows meh. and yeah i know i'm late to record...
Friday Night Funkin' The Spirits of Hell V1 - Sonic.exe: The Spirits of hell Mod Got Updated!! -
Sorry for being more than a week without post videos, i got sick and took a break while playing Sonic frontiers and gow ragnarok - anyway, i'm back 😎Buy Mem...

Bendy look at you, scoll to the left to see Benny's friend (exe), if used (credit me)

#fnf #bendy #sonicexe #indiecross