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LVC/LVC PRO cover time!!

Working on an Aspect Ratio Preview app to help me see sprites correctly as they would appear on TV from a retro console. #pixelart #streetfighter

3 years before Pocket Fighter EX I made a sprite of Kazuya in Pocket style. I touched it up just a little bit for this post.


Managed to figure out how to apply palettes to low color sprites in #UnrealEngine5. The flashing ones are randomizing their palettes every frame.

Still working on an easy to edit palette data system, but it works!!

#gamedevelopment #gamedev #UnrealEngine


On the off chance that the new #KOFXV character was Kasumi, I colored her KOFR2 sprite. That wasn't the case, but I figured I would share it anyway. #NGPC #KOF #NeoGeo