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Frostbone - But Papyrus And Genocide Frisk Sing It playthrough.

Finally finished the most peice I'm proud of!

--"Everyone Knows I'm The Exclusive 1!"

(Yeah changed the normal icon cuz it was weird)

-Thanks for liking! New Bendy and the Dark Revival video out!

Entering the Sewers | Bendy and the Dark Revival #5
We seem to have gotten ourselves in a sticky situation, falling instead of rising! And a special friend is appearingFollow me on Gamejolt:

Each Room Reveals A Story

Doll House | Twisted Tuesday [Ep.22]:

Batty Bat Community:

Each Room Reveals A Story - Doll House | Twisted Tuesday [Ep.22]
I am back with another Twisted Tuesday Batty Bats! We are on to episode 22 and it's all about the creepy dolls. I have to figure out the story behind each ro...

Don't choke on it.

(Nice Gamejolt art Maxs.)

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