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Im an aspiring game dev, what platform should I learn to use and why? Please read article

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After reading a bit about programming in Unity I believe I've learned enough to get to work on my first game in Unity, but I can't bring myself to work on my first non-tutorial project. How do you bring yourself to work when you're in a similar situation?

Hello I want to start making an Undertale au fan game but I don't know where to start off does anyone have any advice?

All I found was doing it with game maker but it is pretty bad compared to unity. I wouldn't mind some help! Byee

Project Pro: Beyond Humanity is out now and reedy to play!

what are your thoughts about the game?

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I want to start making games, and Im starting with FNAF fangames. Does anyone have any advice on where to start learning how to model and develop? I intend on using Unity and Blender mostly.


Hey everybody, quick question for those who’ve played the Case 27 Office Demo: What are your thoughts on the camera repair typing mechanic? I’ve been considering making the lines of code simpler (i.e., fewer spaces, symbols, numbers, etc.) Any thoughts?


How do I make simple ball physics so that when I make my character walk into a ball it rolls?

I tried attaching a Rigidbody to my sphere but it just falls and then stays still.

(For this project, I am using Unity 3D 2022.1.7f1.)


I am trying to figure out what the cockpit should look like... 🤔

Better / Worse?

What do you think?

I know the development is dragged on and I have reasons for this. You can read reasons in article.

I hope game will release in middle or end of August, I promise!

So, I wanna ask you: should I upload demo trailer now( I mean at this or next week)

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How much storage is unity version 2019.4.40f1 ?