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Was thinking abt a lot of stuff, and usually if I’m handling big emotions I like to try voicing them through imagery when I can’t find the words. Enjoy

Good boy

That's it! THE FINAL SOCK PUPPET batch is here!

It's been really fun, folks! Thank you so much to all who participated in this silly thing! :)

Click [Read Article] for their backstories ;)

A busy day for me, but THE SOCKS MUST CONTINUE. So here's a late-night post with the six socks of the day!

As usual, swipe left to zoom in on the socks and read the article (by clicking on [Read article] below) to know the socks on a *personal* level

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR COLD FEET! Today's socks are here once more!

Use your upper feet, A.K.A "hands", to swipe left and see the socks in detail!

AND if you touch [Read article] below, you'll see their backstories and the sock's Gamejolt "parents"!