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The fire container switches has always been a challenge regarding how they should be represented visually, many aspects to consider: for example, they can be lit, but not absorbed from.

Right now were trying to have them be some kind of fire stakes!

We're adding some new sections between puzzle rooms now, that will serve both as "breaks" in between puzzles, as well as some environmental storytelling.

DEMO 4 IN PROGRESS! Will come to Steam in a few months


Once again sorry for the lack of updates but alot of fun and important things are happening.

First of all I applied to The Game Studio Program, a course where you learn everything you need to know to start and run a game studio.


Nordic Game Jam was amazing! Alot of interesting talks, lots of fun activites (like LEGO building!), so many creative people and as many as 96 games were created!

Feel free to check out a video I made of the event:…


Nordic Game Jam 2024
Nordic Game Jam 2024