fanart in Star Wars

May the force be with you...

This is for @yorchi09

I just came up with the CRAZY idea for LEGO Star Wars, the "Gold Brick" Level, based on the Steven Spielberg motion picture Saving Private Ryan; The D-Day Scene. The Clones replace the Soldiers, and Droids replace the Germans.

for @yorchi09

What if we can put up some Fun Facts while still giving out hints for certain LEGO Games?

Here are some great examples:

These pictures / concepts are for @yorchi09

I've got all the main concepts and photos for LEGO Star Wars Bonus Playable Characters.

My pixel art of a Terminator Yoda Hybrid

Check out the video below ⬇️

My rock painting of Porg from Star Wars, swipe right to see the sketch

Check out the video below ⬇️