Ultimate Chicken Horse



Here's the process for the chicken family portrait I painted in Clip Studio Paint. ~:>
#ChickenTrender #ChickenCover

Music: Ice Cream Today Ice Cream Tomorrow by Geoff Harvey

We're excited to announce the winner of our #ChickenCover challenge!

Congratulations to @MadsArt !

Thanks to all the Jolters who participated! Our judges had a cluckin' tough time choosing a single winner from all your incredible entries.

Hello! here is my #ChickenCover Hope you like it!


¡Hola! Aquí está mi dibujo para la dinámica, espero les guste!

Did I make it in time? ~:>
#ChickenCover #ChickenTrender

Software: Clip Studio Paint

She's the coolest skater chicken around...
#ChickenCover #ChickenTrender #Sk8erChicken