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This was a very old Pokémon idea of mine. It’s supposed to be a poison/ice type penguin thing. ❄️☠️

The Menacing Ringmaster Man. 🤡😈

A quick Pailmare sketch

Happy 8th Anniversary FNAF!! I wasn't able to get it out today unfortunately, but here's a little sneak peek at what I'm working on to celebrate. Should be done by tomorrow or the day after.


I don't have any #FNaFArt but I remade the song "Join us for a Bite" on an old minecraft map using redstone and music blocks. [=


Hello, welcome to HiGames. this community is open to everyone, you can post anything you want that fits in our channels, we just ask everyone to be friendly, and no gore or NSFW related posts.. that's all (=

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