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It's been tough to find time to put together a Super Sunny World 🌞 update video this summer, so here's 3 months worth of features condensed into 2 minutes! Enjoy!



I love how in Super Mario Bros. 3, they added the ability for shells to SMASH bricks. It leads to some great "chain reaction" moments.

Super Sunny World (my upcoming NES game) now features this gameplay mechanic as well!

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Check out the latest updates to my upcoming NES game, Super Sunny World! 🌞

This update brings multiple new gameplay features as well as a first look at the box cover for the physical version of the game! #nesdev


Check out the latest recap of development on my brand new NES game, Super Sunny World🌞!

This update brings major perf improvements, and 2 new gameplay mechanics! #nesdev