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Here's something you don't see in every NES game:

A platformer with ZAPPER support! Super Sunny World allows a 2nd player to kill enemies with the Zapper Gun.



When making games on the NES, nothing is easy!

With a LOT of help from the #nesdev Discord, I was able to clean up the seam above the status bar.

Also there's some new (temp) art, and I even perform the forbidden mid-frame palette update for extra colors!

Big news for From Below (NES) and From Below Pocket (GB) physical editions!

Full Update:

Short Version: Both NES and GB will start shipping next week!

Woohoo!!! #nesdev #gbdev



Last chance to get a copy of this brand new Game Boy game, From Below Pocket, as well as the NES version!πŸ¦‘

After this week, the game will be out of print, likely for YEARS. πŸ“†

#gbdev #nesdev


It's been tough to find time to put together a Super Sunny World 🌞 update video this summer, so here's 3 months worth of features condensed into 2 minutes! Enjoy!