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As the progress goes with Fierce Forces, I might remake/remaster
some of the old teasers and fanarts as a refresh and update content
and make as references of those from the past. Yeah... That's it.

Updated the header and Icon for this other art community :)

Glamrock Freddy ~ My Version

#FNaF #SecurityBreach #Fanart #Art #TraditionalArt

Welcome to my Second Community on Game Jolt:

Silentfaith's Funart Entertainment

Where from time to time I'm drawing
other stuff outside from my Main Project:

Five Nights at Sonic's: Fierce Forces

And might put some found memes... occasionally.


☆ Please, DON'T Steal under
any circumstances my Arts and
DON'T Trace them! Or else...
Be considered as a "CRIMINAL Theft Art".

☆ Don't write rude, disrespectful comments.

☆ NO posting NSFW aught!

I think that's all...

Enjoy your stay! Have Fun as always!

@Silentfaith owner
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