what you gotta say!!

My Stop motion Christmas animation

Done in 2 days for school

#stopmotion #school #christmas

Holy shit I didn't even know today was my #spawnday

happy spawn day for me ig

I am so sorry everybody but the series is done, the world is lost, I guess it was only the 262 day Minecraft challenge. remember everybody back up your worlds, you may end up like me, a failure maybe next year I can have 365 reborn.

I just made a new community the General Chat I just wanted to create a community were you can talk about what ever you want. https://gamejolt.com/c/GeneralChat-csb3eu

Say what ever you want I don't care!! This community is for everything that's why it's general chat.

Created by: @TheBroBroBoss

Moderated by: @Joe___

there are some rules:

.no racist/ any phobic things

.be nice to others

.have a good time

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