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Using Godot in VR on the Quest


I'm curious. ( •_•)
I've seen other indie games in relatively early development being covered by game journalists, and I was curious if I should try contacting one for my game #TwelveSlotSaloon?

What are your thoughts? Should I have more done?


I always thought it's a bit difficult to implement, but now I found a nice table structure without affecting the ball. So here it is, you can nudge the table. I'm quite happy about the result and most amazed how easy it was.

I can freely set the size of the market. The market stalls and decorations are automatically adjusted.


⬛Black attacks will hurt you unless you jump over them.

🟢Green attacks will only hurt you if you're jumping.

So make sure to watch where you're jumping in #TwelveSlotSaloon battles. Who knows what trouble you'll get yourself into?...(•_•)

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