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Thank you to all who joined me for the fireside today to celebrate Five Nights at Freddy’s 8th birthday! The cake came out great and I hope you enjoyed seeing it come together. Check out the firesides in the next coming days and keep the party going!


Overkill in Fall Guys 🙀 sorry Chizz lol

Highlight from my Stream on Twitch.

11am PT / 2pm EST

Don’t miss the live stream tomorrow!

A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life- with cake!

Hi Guys

Got Someone Important news for my games.

I made a board with all of my games

so you can see what game will come out next

My plans are to make the less important games and then make the more important games last.

So yeah.

Except More Game Updates.

I need animators for animating, chase sceens, camera footage, cutsceens, scares, and more. Must be 3D, (found footage sort of style)