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my personal suggestion for controller support is having keybinding setup, it would allow any controller that uses the same input type to work, and maybe set it up so that there are more than one control scheme you can have saved, that'd be good, unsure how hard either would be to implement though...

reminds me of un jammer lammy

Interesting 💕

Good game. @TommyKong said most of it. but in my opinion, it's a little hard to shift through the positions on a keyboard. Would love keybinding setup because the current keybinds (Shift+A+S+D) are not that great. if not, try setting them to H+J+K+L with the shifts to W+S/A+D.


Wishlist on Steam!

Starstruck: Hands of Time is a story-rich rhythm adventure game where you play guitar and abuse time travel! Control a giant hand destroying a miniature town, or play as the two guitarist kids living in it. For extra fun, optionally plug in a Guitar Hero controller!

Play guitar in an interactive rock opera

Play guitar in musical story segments, with a catchy soundtrack featuring live instruments and singing by Elsie Lovelock, If you still have your Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar controller, dust it off, because this game supports it!


Destroy the world as a giant human hand

Demolish houses, solve puzzles, and open new paths for other characters as a giant hand. Unleash your destructive potential using hammers, screwdrivers, and more.


A strange game set in a miniature world

Save the future by exploring the strange diorama world of 20XX. Meet weirdly cute characters and unravel the mystery of how their little lives are connected to the end of mankind.


No rhythm? No problem

If you want to experience the music and story without the stresses of rhythm gameplay, you can enable "Autoplay" in the options menu. When Autoplay is enabled, the rhythm gameplay sections will play themselves.


  • Explore three intertwined adventures set in a charming diorama world, switching characters to solve puzzles and change the future.

  • Play guitar and dodge attacks to an original soundtrack in catchy musical story segments.

  • Destroy the world as a giant human hand in hectic action-puzzle gameplay. (By the way, you can also customize the hand’s size and skin color.)

  • Extensive controller support allows you to play with your keyboard, Xbox controller, PS4 controller, Switch Pro Controller, or even guitar controller! You can also remap controls as you wish for the rhythm gameplay.

  • Adjust the difficulty level between "Normal" and "Master" mode for the rhythm gameplay to suit your style, or just sit back and watch with "Autoplay" mode.

  • Original soundtrack by acclaimed composer Andrew Allanson features live instruments and vocals spanning many genres.

(Oh, you made it all the way to the bottom? You're a good reader. You already added the game to your Steam wishlist, right? RIGHT???)

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🎃Starstruck's Demo Halloween Update is now released!

🎵A new spooky song has been added to Free Play!
🎮Control remapping support for rhythm gameplay is finally here!

Download it free:…

Starstruck's world is made of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, cardboard, and other household items.


Starstruck: Hands of Time, a aventura musical com uma história cativante onde você toca guitarra e abusa de viagens no tempo, acaba de atualizar sua demo na Steam com suporte ao idioma Português Brasileiro!…


Almost done translating the demo into PT-BR!

Been making good progress! Made an "Autoplay" mode, it'll be in the next update to the demo.