What do you think?

i cant wait

link to download?

i think this is gonna be a good game, ur a good dev

l want this game plz make it free so l can play it

i wish this will maked

Something has awoken, rising from the Decay. Civilization has ended, and creatures older than man are slowly emerging from the depth of the earth.

Vessels of Decay is a retro-inspired action-adventure where you follow Mud and Freja as they venture into the overgrown ruins of a post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. Where monsters and beings from myths and ancient folklore have taken over the lands.

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  • Dynamic Battle System: To give the player full control in combat, Vessels of Decay features a dynamic battle system. How you play, and how your enemies die is all up to you.

  • Unique finishers: Every new enemy you encounter can be defeated uniquely. Stagger enemies to kill them off with a unique finisher animation.

  • Epic multi-stage Boss fights: Find, chase, fight and defeat terrifying beast of Scandinavian folklore.

  • Explore a world of beautiful pixels, death, and decay: Vessels of Decay is set in a beautifully pixelated and handcrafted world waiting for you to explore. The dark sides, as well as the bright sides.

  • A Scandinavian take on the classic action-adventure: Inspired by the classics, Vessels of Decay brings a new mix of melancholy, exploration, and fast-paced action to the action-adventure genre.


#action #adventure #rpg #retro #pixelart

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Comical Shenanigans

Here's a sneak peek at Mud's skill tree! Branches are abilities, and roots are stats.


🎱Troll Ball? Troll Ball?! TROLLBALL!!!🎱

✨Wishlist for Troll Ball:

Slicin' and Dicin'

I'm trying out some VFX for special attacks. Maaaybe a bit to mush dust?? It feels powerful thought!


Death Traps and Indiana Jones Boulders. Been thinking about how to make the boulders for weeks. So I finally did! Wishlist: