Quest of Onzo

9 months ago

I added some flavour to the crystal hearts! (Look at top left) First one is the new version, second is the old. Everything looks better when it's animated.



Next up

Tablet mechanics are almost done.

New profile pic. Tried to represent myself more this time.

The background theme of Banished Crypt, where every traitor meets their pathetic fate.

(Volume warning. I guess I forgot to adjust the mastering.)

Wanna listen to the full version? Why not check the game's page then?

Oldie but Goodie: Happy Birthday Sonic!

here's a collection of some pixel arts I've made across the years (2022-2023) about him and company. Let's speed through another year!

Enough fighting. It's time to rest under the sealed flower.

Oldie but Goodie: Monument Valley, demake'd

"Sentinel's Teachings".

I revamped the entrance of the dungeon. Now you can see roots hanging from the ceiling and the bones of wizards thrown here before you. Lovely!

Old but gold I guess, I'm a bit late but happy birthday for the blue hedgehog ✌️😺

#SonicFriday #pixelart #Sonicthehedgehog

I'll make the server public and start choosing volunteers for beta testing once the game reaches 30 followers. But until then we'll have to wait.